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Our Solutions

In a world where construction projects are notorious for delays and budget overruns, MBS is revolutionizing the industry by seamlessly merging lean, high-capacity manufacturing, advanced technology, and land development to deliver innovative building solutions on time, on budget, and with a focus on environmental sustainability.

The traditional construction industry grapples with challenges like delayed and inaccurate timelines, complex logistics involving multiple trades and companies, cost inefficiencies, excessive material waste, a dwindling skilled trades workforce, supply chain disruptions, and a labor shortage crisis.

MBS tackles these challenges head-on with our cutting-edge technology, streamlined manufacturing, and assembly process, effectively addressing nine significant problems within the construction industry. By offering a comprehensive solution that streamlines construction projects, MBS is poised to transform the building landscape, ensuring a more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective future for the construction sector. Embrace the future with MBS's groundbreaking approach to building.




MBS redefines the construction landscape through our state-of-the-art panelized system, delivering remarkable speed in assembly coupled with unparalleled reliability. Where traditional construction methods often lag in time certainty, we equip General Contractors and Developers with accurate timelines, substantially reducing project uncertainties.

Our forward-thinking construction method slashes building assembly time by half compared to typical practices. But this expedited process isn't just about swift completion; it guarantees consistency and top-notch quality with each project. By championing our advanced panelized system, MBS sets a precedent, executing projects at a pace that reshapes industry expectations. Our swift assembly not only places us at the forefront but also signals an industry shift towards heightened efficiency and unwavering dependability.




MBS revolutionizes construction economics by providing General Contractors and Developers with unmatched clarity on project costs. Recognizing the industry's chronic challenges with financial unpredictability, our method ensures transparent and fixed costs from the project's start to completion.

Our cutting-edge building techniques signify not only efficiency but also substantial savings for our clients. The MBS panelized system safeguards against the typical financial uncertainties of conventional construction. By prioritizing meticulous cost control, we guarantee that every dollar is efficiently allocated, resources are fully harnessed, and the return on investment is optimized.

At MBS, we don't just offer a cost-saving initiative; we fundamentally transform the paradigm of financial predictability in the construction sector. Clients benefit from a dedicated ally who champions their budget, streamlining financial planning and eliminating the guesswork typically associated with the industry.

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MBS emphasizes precision throughout our construction process, utilizing advanced manufacturing and automation to maintain high standards of quality. Our strict quality control procedures minimize defects and eliminate the disruptions and expenses typically caused by on-site alterations and mistakes. This attention to detail ensures that every component aligns with the architectural plans, contributing to a streamlined construction process and reducing unexpected issues. Our approach solidifies stakeholder confidence, delivering projects that meet precise specifications and stand the test of time.




Faced with a diminishing workforce in skilled trades, MBS's construction method integrates automation using CNC technology, reducing reliance on a broad array of trades and personnel. This strategic use of advanced machinery addresses a pervasive industry and economic challenge in construction, streamlining processes and mitigating workforce scarcity.

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MBS optimizes labor efficiency by maintaining compact manufacturing, installation, and assembly teams, significantly cutting labor expenses. A typical project installation requires only five riggers, two carpenters, two engineers, and two general laborers, embodying our commitment to efficiency.

Furthermore, our collaboration with Ranken Technical College enhances this strategy, as we integrate paid internships for construction and engineering students into our model. This partnership not only supports education and provides practical experience for students but also contributes to further labor cost reductions.




MBS revolutionizes building logistics with a panelized system designed for convenience, mirroring the simplicity of flat-pack furniture on a grand scale. This approach significantly decreases transportation costs and extends our shipping range up to 1000 miles from our manufacturing facility.

The strategy ensures ease in on-site traffic and logistics management, contributing to a smoother construction process. Our method not only makes long-distance delivery feasible but also simplifies the assembly process on arrival, reflecting our commitment to efficiency at every stage of the construction journey.




MBS's offsite construction significantly diminishes high-risk site conditions. Our approach removes the necessity for heavy-duty construction tools and hazardous materials while also reducing elevated work scenarios, such as exterior scaffolding. This leads to safer, cleaner, and more organized project sites.

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MBS's offsite construction methods dramatically cut waste, potentially reducing material sent to landfills by over 80%. Our precision manufacturing minimizes on-site and manufacturing waste, while our buildings' disassemblable nature prevents demolition waste. This approach not only aligns with environmental sustainability but also responds to significant industry concerns, considering the staggering $32.6 billion in global construction and demolition waste reported by The Brainy Insights in 2021.




MBS prioritizes sustainability, utilizing wood, a renewable resource that demands 70-90% less energy than steel and 94% less than aluminum, and considerably less water in construction than traditional methods. Our buildings are designed for disassembly, relocation, and refurbishment, preventing the need for demolition. As we expand, we are committed to integrating innovative recycled materials and environmentally friendly building solutions, further enhancing our sustainable construction approach.

A Better Way To Build For Tomorrow.

At Module Building Systems, our mission is to revolutionize the construction industry by delivering innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective building solutions, transforming communities, and enhancing the quality of life for future generations.

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