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Module Building Systems stands out from traditional volumetric, modular, and offsite construction companies with our innovative panelized and connection system. This cutting-edge technology redefines the way we approach construction, offering unparalleled flexibility and customization options.

Our unique panelized system enables architects and designers to freely tailor their creations, accommodating anything from minimalist temporary studio shelters to high-density multi-residential projects. By streamlining the design process and utilizing our efficient assembly method, we transform the way we envision and execute construction projects.



The MBS post-tensioned technology has been meticulously engineered to cater to a vast market segment, encompassing a diverse range of residential and commercial stick-built development projects. Our innovative approach ensures that we can address the unique needs and requirements of various construction projects, making our technology a versatile and valuable solution within the industry.

  • Affordable Housing;

  • High-Density Multi-Residential;

  • Veterans Housing;

  • Single Family & Townhomes;

  • Workforce Housing;

  • Hotels and Resorts;

  • Student & Senior Housing;

  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings.

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MBS' panelized system is expertly crafted to accommodate reusable temporary structures and buildings. Our innovative connection system enables the efficient manufacturing, delivery, assembly, disassembly, and storage of temporary projects. This streamlined approach ensures that our solutions are flexible and adaptable, meeting the dynamic needs of various temporary construction projects with ease.

  • Disaster Relief Housing;

  • Temporary Worker Housing;

  • Remote Medical Clinics;

  • Temporary Classrooms;

  • Municipal Homeless Shelters;

  • Military Housing;

  • Temporary Offices;

  • Commercial Pop-ups;

  • Temporary Relocatable Showrooms


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