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At Module Building Systems, our team comprises seasoned professionals with decades of experience in leadership, land development, construction, manufacturing, engineering, logistics, supply chain, and legal within the built environment. United by a shared mission, we are determined to revolutionize the construction industry by introducing innovative solutions that address the housing crisis and the socioeconomic challenges it entails. MBS is transforming the way the world perceives construction while actively supporting non-profits and marginalized communities throughout our journey.

Board of Advisors

MBS is proud to introduce our distinguished Board of Advisors, a group of accomplished professionals with decades of experience and connections spanning multiple industries such as construction, engineering, finance, and technology. Our advisors are not only founders and executives but also lobbyists, attorneys, professors, and community leaders. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise enable them to provide invaluable insights and guidance, ensuring that MBS remains at the cutting edge of the construction industry. By leveraging their collective knowledge and maintaining a strategic approach to navigating the rapidly evolving industry, our Board of Advisors supports MBS in revolutionizing building processes and delivering innovative, sustainable, and efficient solutions to our clients.

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