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At MBS, we believe in the power of collaboration and strategic partnerships to drive change and revolutionize the construction industry. Our partners are carefully selected for their expertise, innovation, and shared vision for a sustainable and efficient future in building technology. Together, we work towards creating a positive impact on communities, the environment, and the lives of those who inhabit our buildings. Explore our diverse range of partners and learn how they contribute to MBS's mission of transforming the way structures are built and how we are creating social equity one project at a time.


Module Building Systems is proud and honored to partner with Arch Grants, a distinguished non-profit organization propelling St. Louis toward becoming a thriving center of innovation and entrepreneurship. Arch Grants has been instrumental in driving economic progress since 2012, annually bestowing more than $14 million in grants to upward of 230 startups that have established their headquarters in St. Louis. Through their efforts, Arch Grants' portfolio has significantly contributed to the local economy, creating over 3,500 jobs, disbursing $158 million in salaries to employees in the area, securing upwards of $696 million in subsequent funding, and amassing over $742 million in revenues. We at MBS are honored to join this vibrant community of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our selection as a 2023 Arch Grants recipient places MBS among a group of elite companies chosen for their potential to drive positive change and economic growth within the St. Louis region. This partnership underscores our commitment to innovation, community impact, and fostering sustainable growth in the construction industry.

The recognition by Arch Grants not only validates our mission but also provides us with the resources and network to accelerate our vision of reshaping the building landscape. Together with Arch Grants, we are setting a new standard for what's possible in the industry, contributing to a vibrant future for the city of St. Louis and beyond.


MBS is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Ranken Technical College, a leading institution dedicated to providing comprehensive education and training in various technical fields. This collaboration represents a shared commitment to revolutionizing the construction industry while simultaneously fostering workforce development and creating opportunities for the next generation of skilled tradespeople.

Through this partnership, MBS and Ranken Technical College will work together to leverage the college's expertise in manufacturing, architecture, labor, and transportation. Students from Ranken will have the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience with MBS's innovative technology and processes, helping them develop the critical skills and knowledge needed for success in the rapidly evolving construction industry.

Additionally, our collaboration with Ranken Technical College extends to community development initiatives. MBS has partnered with Ranken Community Development Corporation (RCDC), Ranken's non-profit development arm, to complete affordable housing projects during our startup phase.

By joining forces, MBS and Ranken Technical College aim to address pressing challenges in the construction industry, such as labor shortages, outdated practices, and environmental concerns, while fostering innovation, sustainability, and workforce development for a brighter future.


MBS is excited to announce a dynamic partnership with St. Louis University (SLU), a renowned institution with a strong commitment to research, innovation, and education across diverse disciplines. Our collaboration with SLU reflects our shared dedication to revolutionizing the construction industry and fostering groundbreaking advancements in technology and sustainability.

Through this partnership, MBS will work closely with SLU's research and innovation departments to continually refine and develop our cutting-edge technology, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the construction industry. SLU's expertise in various fields, including engineering, environmental sustainability, and materials science, will be invaluable in helping us enhance and optimize our manufacturing processes and building solutions.

Furthermore, SLU students will have the opportunity to collaborate with MBS, gaining hands-on experience in advanced construction techniques and sustainable practices. This partnership will equip future professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in an ever-changing industry.

By collaborating with St. Louis University, MBS aims to drive innovation, promote environmental sustainability, and contribute to the ongoing growth and development of the construction industry. Together, we are committed to creating a brighter, more sustainable future through transformative building solutions and cutting-edge research.

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MBS is proud to announce our strategic partnership with Emerald Capital, a leading financial institution with a strong track record of supporting innovative businesses and fostering growth in various industries. This partnership represents our shared commitment to revolutionizing the construction industry and promoting sustainable, affordable housing solutions across North America.

Emerald Capital brings extensive financial expertise and a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing the construction industry, making them an ideal partner for MBS as we continue to expand our operations and impact. With Emerald Capital's support, MBS will be able to access vital funding, including New Market Tax Credit (NMTC) packages, enabling us to invest in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, operational expansion, and the development of temporary building prototypes.

In addition to financial backing, Emerald Capital will provide invaluable guidance and strategic insights, helping MBS navigate the complexities of the financial landscape and ensuring our long-term success in the industry. Their experience in securing and managing funds for growth-oriented companies will be crucial in accelerating our mission to revolutionize the construction industry through innovative, sustainable, and affordable building solutions.

Together, MBS and Emerald Capital are dedicated to creating lasting, positive change in the construction industry and tackling the pressing issues of affordable housing, sustainability, and efficient building processes. With their support, MBS will continue to push the boundaries of innovation and transform the way we build for a better tomorrow.


MBS is proud to partner with the Good Developments Group on the Gateway South project, a groundbreaking mixed-use redevelopment plan that aims to revitalize the Downtown St. Louis riverfront, located directly south of The Gateway Arch. The project envisions a Design & Construction Innovation District, which will serve as the first-ever geographic hub for the construction industry, similar to the sector-specific density seen in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Nashville.

Gateway South's mission is to address the long-standing inefficiencies in the construction industry and foster innovation by merging logistics, talent, and technology. This will create a sustainable growth engine for both the city and the design and construction sectors, leading to a radical transformation of the built environment's supply chain, streamlined offsite manufacturing-style building production, and adoption of new materials and digital technologies.

MBS's cutting-edge construction technology and the Good Developments Group's expertise in sustainable urban development will work together to attract and train a new generation of workforce equipped with the construction skills of the future, strengthening St. Louis's nationally-marketable design and construction knowledge base. The partnership will also enable the production of buildings in St. Louis for export and erection around the country.


MBS is honored to announce our partnership with Green Street Real Estate Ventures, a prominent real estate development and investment firm committed to creating sustainable, innovative, and thriving communities. Together, we will leverage MBS's advanced construction technology, and Green Street's expertise in sustainable urban development to transform the way buildings are designed, built, and operated.

Our collaboration with Green Street Real Estate Ventures will focus on creating cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and rapidly deployable construction solutions for various residential, commercial, and industrial projects. We will combine MBS's cutting-edge panelized system, which enables faster assembly and reduced material waste, with Green Street's dedication to incorporating sustainable practices and materials in all aspects of their developments.

Through this partnership, MBS and Green Street Real Estate Ventures aim to address the challenges faced by the construction industry, such as labor shortages, rising material costs, and the urgent need for more sustainable housing solutions. Our joint efforts will result in projects that not only meet the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and sustainability but also contribute to the betterment of communities and the environment.

By working together, MBS and Green Street Real Estate Ventures are committed to driving positive change in the construction industry and providing innovative solutions that will shape the future of real estate development. Our partnership will set a new standard for sustainable, efficient, and affordable construction, while also promoting economic growth and improved quality of life for communities across the country.


MBS is proud to announce our partnership with Orcutt Winslow, a nationally recognized architectural firm with a strong commitment to innovation, sustainability, and design excellence. This collaboration brings together MBS's advanced construction technology and Orcutt Winslow's expertise in architectural design, creating a powerful synergy that will revolutionize the way buildings are conceptualized, designed, and constructed.

Our partnership with Orcutt Winslow will focus on integrating MBS's cutting-edge panelized system into the architectural design process, enabling faster, more efficient, and sustainable construction solutions for various residential, commercial, and institutional projects. By utilizing MBS's technology, Orcutt Winslow can design structures that are not only aesthetically appealing but also optimized for rapid assembly, reduced material waste, and long-term sustainability.

Together, MBS and Orcutt Winslow will address the challenges faced by the construction industry, such as labor shortages, rising material costs, and the growing demand for eco-friendly building solutions. Our joint efforts will lead to innovative projects that set new standards in quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility while enhancing the built environment and supporting the communities they serve.

The partnership between MBS and Orcutt Winslow demonstrates our shared commitment to driving positive change in the construction industry and providing cutting-edge solutions that shape the future of architectural design and building construction. By combining our expertise and resources, we will deliver exceptional projects that stand as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and sustainable design.



MBS is excited to partner with Green Arc Leisure, a forward-thinking company dedicated to promoting sustainability in the construction industry and reducing the environmental impact of leisure and hospitality projects. Our collaboration combines MBS's advanced panelized construction technology with Green Arc Leisure's commitment to using eco-friendly materials and processes.

Green Arc Leisure offers expert advice and assistance to clients seeking sustainable solutions for their projects, whether they're aiming for a hybrid or fully off-grid model. As part of our partnership, MBS will provide our cutting-edge panelized system for constructing Green Arc Leisure's sustainable facilities, including hotels, resorts, and recreational centers. Our modular approach enables rapid assembly, reduced waste, and increased efficiency, which aligns perfectly with Green Arc Leisure's eco-conscious mission.

Together, we will explore options like utilizing recycled and renewable materials, energy-efficient buildings, and alternative energy sources to minimize the environmental impact of our projects. Moreover, Green Arc Leisure emphasizes the importance of preserving natural trees and plants, ensuring beautifully balanced landscaping that harmonizes with the surrounding environment.

By combining MBS's innovative construction technology and Green Arc Leisure's sustainability expertise, we aim to revolutionize the leisure and hospitality industries by providing eco-friendly, high-quality solutions that cater to the growing demand for green developments. Our partnership demonstrates our shared vision of a sustainable future and our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in construction and leisure sectors.

We look forward to collaborating on groundbreaking projects that showcase the power of innovation and the potential for positive change in the built environment while prioritizing environmental responsibility and sustainability.


MBS is proud to announce a strategic partnership with SweetBio, an innovative company specializing in the development of advanced wound care products synthesized from melaleuca honey. This collaboration brings together MBS's cutting-edge panelized construction technology and SweetBio's dedication to revolutionizing healthcare through eco-friendly solutions that promote patient healing.

Our partnership focuses on the development of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that will produce SweetBio's groundbreaking wound care products. MBS will utilize its panelized construction system to design and build efficient, modern, and environmentally responsible structures tailored to the unique requirements of SweetBio's manufacturing processes. These facilities will support the production of SweetBio's advanced wound care products, which harness the natural healing properties of melaleuca honey to promote faster recovery and improved patient outcomes.

Together, MBS and SweetBio share a vision of a healthier, more sustainable future where innovative building solutions and medical technologies work hand-in-hand to enhance the quality of life for all. Our collaboration not only demonstrates our dedication to environmental stewardship but also highlights our commitment to supporting advancements in healthcare that prioritize patient care, safety, and well-being.

We are confident that this partnership between MBS and SweetBio will lead to transformative projects that combine the best of construction innovation and medical technology, creating lasting, positive change in the communities we serve. Our collaboration is a testament to our shared belief in the power of sustainable innovation to improve lives, and we look forward to working together to shape the future of healthcare infrastructure and product manufacturing.

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