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The demand has never been greater for sustainable, efficient building solutions. We are positioning ourselves for long-term growth and scalability at MBS to build a better world.

Invest in a Revolutionary Approach to Building

At MBS, we are committed to revolutionizing the construction industry with innovative building solutions that reduce waste, streamline processes, and create more sustainable communities. We invite you to join us in our mission to create a lasting impact on the way we build and live.


The Market for New Construction

The US new construction market, estimated at $1.3 trillion as of 2021, is experiencing steady growth as urbanization, population growth, and the need for sustainable building solutions drive demand.


MBS's advanced panelized building system addresses a broad range of residential, commercial, and temporary development projects, tapping into various high-growth market segments.

Pilot Projects

Kansas City Charity Services and MBS have executed an LOI develop 104 small homes at roughly 750 ft2 each, totaling 78,000 ft2 of finished space, generating revenue of $11.7m.

Pending Board Approval, SweetBio wishes to develop a hybrid office space and manufacturing facility. The estimated size of this project will be between 5000 ft2 to 7500 ft2 generating revenue of $1.5m

First Funds Financial Runway

A $2,000,000 initial investment will qualify MBS for a $10m New Market Tax Credit package and a runaway time of 36 months to establish our HQ in partnership with Ranken Technical College in St. Louis, hire our extended team, complete our pilot projects and gain market acceptance.

Financial Forecast

Our financial forecast is completing 69.2 typical (25,000 ft2) building projects by Year 5, generating revenue of $356,650,000

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