MBS utilizes a patent-pending post-tensioning technology revolutionizing the offsite building and construction industry. Our target markets include the 1-18 story multi-residential, affordable housing, hotels, student and senior housing, commercial and industrial buildings, temporary buildings/shelters, and disaster relief efforts.

MBS’s building delivery model features a cost-efficient, finished, and quick-to-install pre-manufactured “flat-pack” wood panelized solution.
Think IKEA or LEGO, but for buildings.

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Our Why.

MBS directly supports marginalized communities by manufacturing and assembling sustainable buildings using innovative modular technology.

1.6 billion people have inadequate housing worldwide.

Our technology and manufacturing-based build process is the precursor to revolutionizing the homelessness, humanitarian, and disaster relief efforts in North America and globally. By reducing the cost to produce and with the transportability of ready-to-assemble buildings, we bring the ability to quickly and efficiently develop sustainable communities.


Our technology can tackle homelessness and affordable housing issues such as long wait lists and disaster relief efforts and save millions in wasted taxes. We have secured partnerships with industry leaders, educational organizations, non-profits, and governments to provide a cost-effective and timely solution to these problems.

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Employment Impact.

Here at MBS, we believe in living wages, not minimum wages.

We are building an organization and culture centred around our values and workforce.


All employees will receive full benefits, including health, paid vacation, maternity leave, and quarterly bonuses.

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Our Process


The client's architect submits their building plans. Our engineers input the plans into manufacturing software using the latest CAD software.

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Our manufacturing CNC lines build the client’s building 50% faster than current construction methods. It also saves up to 80% in material waste compared to traditional construction.


Our pre-manufactured panels are efficiently packaged on collapsible “A” frames for easy
loading/unloading and

We can ship 1000 miles from our factory to the project site without extra wide-load shipping costs.



Using advanced 3D modelling software and the precision of modern automated CNC machinery, MBS and our partner ONSITE3D have the technology to precisely align each panel element within exacting tolerances.


Installation only requires eleven people to assemble a 5000 ft2 building in three days.
This will set a new industry
standard for construction time.





each of a set of standardized parts or independent units that can be used to construct a more complex structure, such as an item of furniture or a building.

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